How to use Bitlanders without spamming ?

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Bitlanders is a social website 'WHERE SOCIAL MEDIA MEETS THE GAMING UNIVERSE' as the slogan says.As one of their other slogan says that bitlanders is 'THE NEW WAY TO BE SOCIAL' is truly correct as on bitlanders there are a lot of different things from the other social websites.Let's highlight those things first:



  • -The use of the word subscribers instead of followers.
  • -The buzz score.
  • -The currency in which the users are paid over here is BITCOINS (Digital Currency) instead of US DOLLARS.
  • -The way of receiving the daily earnings (Treasure Box).
  • -Global chat.
  • -The ranking system.





Spamming on bitlanders is to continuously send a same message in the global chat or in the inbox that is 'UNWANTED' by the people.Let me show you an example of that:


Not only this, some people over here spam the comments as well by just commenting to 'buzz/sub them' under the posts which is completely irrelevant to the above post.This is what it means by 'SPAMMING ON BITLANDERS'.

To all those spammers who are not aware of the real way of earning on bitlanders there is a good news for all of them as they have no other choice left except following it after Micky's warning where he clearly stated that the ones who are found 'SPAMMING' will be banned for a day and won't be getting any earnings for that day as they won't be able to log in.All the spammers out there I'm telling you the way that how to use bitlanders without spamming.





First of all, you guys need to make it clear in your mind that nothing can be achieved without the hard work.Bitlanders is a place where you are paid for your creativity.They pay you for your catchy and entertaining content.The more creative you are, the more you'll earn on bitlanders.

Let's discuss the ways of earning through the right means on bitlanders:



Completing the daily quests

The above image shows the daily quests that you get on bitlanders everyday.It is just a task which you've to complete and by completing the daily quests you get the buzz bonus on every question you complete as you can see that the amount of buzz bonus is mentioned below every question.The more buzz bonus you get, the more will your buzz score increase which means more earnings.





The main and the most important source to boost your earnings on bitlanders is to write a blog and submit it for review.The blog you write shows your creativity and the hidden talent that you possess which is being showcased by this platform.For every blog that you submit you get a review for it and the blog is rated out of five stars.You get buzz bonus for each star you get.For example:if your blog is rated 4 stars so you get +5 buzz bonus for 5 days.

Not only this, every month a topic is given by Micky for which you get double reward if you write on that topic.For example:if you write on the given topic and your blog is rated 4 stars so you get double buzz bonus than what you usually get on your own chosen topic.Like if your blog is rated 4 stars on a double reward topic so you get +10 buzz bonus for 5 days.



The content that you post everyday should be catchy so that it forces the users to buzz your posts.Whoever sees it he/she should buzz the posts on his/her own likeness instead of you doing the spamming thing and this can only happen if you post good quality content.

Except this, you guys also need to understand that getting more and more buzzez on your posts is not the only way to earn on bitlanders as some users are still not aware of it and because they have this buzzing thing in their mind that the more buzzez we get on our posts the more we will earn is completely wrong as Micky has clearly stated that buzzing helps in increasing the buzz score to some extent only and it is not the only way to earn and this is what leads to spamming.So please guys this is the right time to move forward if anyone is doing so.




You also get buzz bonus on buying accessories from 'BITFASHIONISTA' and donating to charities from 'BITCHARITIES' as the above images show.There are different offers on different products.These offers really help to boost your buzz score and resultantly increases your earnings greatly.



*I hope you guys are going to find this blog useful.


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