How to use Facebook for marketing?

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Facebook is getting massive each day. Facebook is one of the most trending sites with 1.32 billion active users.  I also can’t live a single day without facebook because it’s part of my life. We cannot spend a single day without scrolling our newsfeed, watching videos and photos. Facebook is the vast est social network which occupies all of us.


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Facebook is not only used for entertainment, chatting and sharing pictures, it is much more. A lot more activities can be performed using facebook. Using Facebook for work, business or marketing is a great idea. Marketing different products of your own on Facebook is much beneficial for business. Facebook will help you increase customers as it’s the most used application. Customers from all over the world would be able to reach your products and can order easily. But the question arises “How to use Facebook for marketing?” I am here to answer this question. It’s much easy to use Facebook for marketing; some beneficial tricks are highlighted in this post.




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Facebook provides three ways for marketing. These three options can be used by anyone for selling their products.


Facebook offers advertising platform to its users. Ads can be created by keeping in mind the area, customers, age groups. This feature of Facebook allows its users to openly share ads relevant to their services. The ads can be in the form of brushier, video etc.


Facebook groups are like discussion forums where you can discuss with the people having a common interest. These groups are much easy to create and then share your services with all the users easily. The peoples have questions or doubts can easily share their problems with you and you can clean up all their doubts. In this way, marketing can be done easily.



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Facebook page is one of the easiest ways to start your business on Facebook. Facebook pages are free and flexible to open up marketing for your services. They are also easy to setup and maintain.

Now I am discussing everything about marketing on a facebook page step by step…

Some tricks and tips are mentioned here that must be kept in mind before creating a Facebook page. I hope these tips help you.


STEP#1: Create a facebook page not a personal profile

First of all… all you have to do is to create a facebook business page. A personal profile is not that beneficial than a business page because there are many features on a facebook page that you can use to gear up your product. The page name represents your brand. Pages have unique tools for organizations, companies and brands. These tools help you to connect with your customers easily.


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STEP#2: Unique cover and profile photo


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Your profile photo or cover should be the logo of your product while the cover photo represents your items. That cover photo should be unique and captivating.

It represents a different story that showcases your products. It must be interesting and grabs the attention of customers. So, it means the cover photo is really important because whenever someone opens up your page, the cover photo is the first thing that impresses or depresses a customer.


STEP#3: Use the “ABOUT” section appropriately


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“About” section is the first thing that people read after opening your page. This is located right below your company logo. This is the best chance for you to tell the people about what your business exactly does.

The information you put here must be informative and convincing. Interesting and unique details are included in that about section. Try to keep the information informal and friendly. Informal tone works best on Facebook.


STEP#4: Post meaningful information on your wall

The person who liked your page will be able to see your post on their newsfeed. So always keep in mind that you post useful information for your fans. Each post from your page provides your fans with some valuable guideline. Doesn’t post the same thing every day… try to post new and interesting stuff.

1. Post about your products

2. Post about the discount offers

3. Post about the usefulness of your products

4. Post videos that help customers to use your product


STEP#5: Involve your fans by asking questions


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Asking questions about the feedback and improvements from customers is helpful for involving them. Involving your fans represents loyalty.

Convincing your fans with different opinions and ideas build a climate of involvement. It helps you understand the mindsets of customers and fans. You can transform your work according to user requirements. New products can be launched after keeping in mind the requirements of fans.


STEP#6: Be real and don’t spam


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Using fake explanations of your products without adding these qualities in your product is spamming. Fooling your customers will lead you towards decline. A number of fake peoples and products are advertised each day on Facebook. But if you want to build a strong bond between you and customers, you have to earn their trust. Be honest with your work and don’t deceive others. Whatever you share must be real so that no one can point you.


STEP#7: Observe your Statistics


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Facebook has an interesting feature by which you can get an idea about the number of fans. It informs you whenever you have a lack or lag of fans. Observe your posts which you have done recently to see which type of posts increases your number of fans. This will give you an idea about more posts in future.

Final Thought...

These are some trendy tricks I observed and researched. For a beginner, these are basics tips one can follow. By following these tips soon you will be able to get an idea about more advanced options. Your business page will get better each day. Be honest and real and start your work, success is right here. This video will help you in getting an idea about using Facebook for business. 

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 I hope you like reading this post. Thank you so much for reading that post. Stay tuned for further posts.





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