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Filmannex, You Tube, Yahoo mail, G-mail, Twitter, Skype, Linked in, and google plus are all the social media with different users. The social media today has really changed the lives of the people of the world. They could have really changed the vast world into a village.

        Today, no member of the world think that they are far from one another. They all think that they have that distance which is available between their eyes and the screen of the monitor they are watching at. It means closer than the real.

For example, many years ago it was impossible for the people of the world to hear from one another in years. they were not able to visit one another even until the end of their lives.

        Today, the social media have changed the globe to them into a village. Now, at all they do not think they are away from one another. They can easily send their messages, photos, and videos to one another.

Besides, they have changed the manners of their lives through social media. For example, through Facebook they can fight with injustice, with corruption, and with violence against women. Today, the social media have removed discrimination in the world. Black, white, and swarthy ones have the same right on social media.

        Filmannex is also one of the social media that have paved the ground for the people to enhance their information about cultures, and other development of the 3rd world countries and 1st world countries. They can read articles and watch short movies through Filmannex.

The more social media and technology develop it means the more the world has developed.

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