How to write a blog and get paid. Veteran blogs and education system in Afghanistan

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People have opinions, but very few are heard. Shouting at the street corner is not a good way to be heard. It might get you arrested!

Writing blogs of 300-500 words takes about 30 minutes and the message is available 24/7 to billions of people. The first step is to teach people how to write so that their work is understandable and also SEO friendly!

We are training veterans in the USA to write veterans blogs and students in Afghanistan to write articles on Afghanistan, and they get paid for writing blogs!

Each veteran and each student gets a Web TV, and doing so, they learn how to make money through a website with advertising: making a living like and Here's something I wrote last November about how make money online with Internet and in particular with Film Annex.

Getting the veteran and the student trained is the first step, and it takes just a few weeks. Once the training is finished and the results are great, everybody gets the benefit to share the financial rewards obtained by their work.
This is why we are partnering with Roya Mahboob in Afghanistan. Our target is building schools in Afghanistan and support the education system in Afghanistan with new internet points in local high schools.

If we give them internet access we will give Afghan Students a voice and they will have the option to make money online with Internet through Film Annex.

If you are interested in mentoring veterans, please let us know going here.

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