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As bloggers, we know that time is crucial and we aim to make the most of our somewhat limited resource in order to accomplish more things. But for some reasons, we oftentimes failed to attain this goal.

Most of the times, I would complain about not having enough time to accomplish the things which I am supposed to do especially with Bitlanders. Ideally,  creating at least a blog post a day would be a good thing to do in order to earn some considerable amount. But I always find myself behind schedule and ended up making excuses for not being able to write. Too busy with my day job, unexpected visitors, slow internet and a lot of other reasons. 

An Offer for a Writing Job


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I recently updated my profile in a Freelancing Site placing my recent accomplishment in blogging. I was surprised that before I even applied for a job, an employer sent me a letter offering some writing position in their company. What surprised me more was the required number of words I need to write in case I applied and accepted on the job. It says I need to write four thousand words per day or equivalent to 8 to 10 articles with 500 words each. Four thousand words per day?

It reminded me of my daily activities here in Bitlanders. I couldn't even write a one-thousand-word blog post in a day, how much more a four-thousand-word blog posts? This instance has brought me into thinking my current activities, especially with Bitlanders. It would usually take me two days before I could complete a blog post. But the mere fact that this is being requested, it means such thing is achievable. 

Well, I would like to challenge myself to do better. No, I am not doing this to compete with anybody else but with myself alone. I want to be a better person than I was yesterday. I want to earn more, save more and eventually live a life of freedom. 

Conducting a Self Evaluation

One of the steps, in order to keep track of our achievements based on our goals, is to examine ourselves. After evaluating my previous months' earnings, I realized that my income has gone down during the last two months. I could not blame anybody else but myself. I have been less active with the site because I was trying to accomplish things all at once. With this results, I need to reconsider my previous activities in order to determine which specific area I need to make adjustments to. 

Upon evaluation and assessment of my previous posts, I found out that I am submitting an average of three posts per week during the last two months. This is the reason why my buzz score has gone down which eventually affected my earnings. 

Here are Some Suggestions Which We Could Probably Do Together

We should never stop improving our current skills. As the saying goes, "Practice Makes Perfect". If we constantly work on improving our speed, we will be amazed if we could finish a one thousand word article in two hours. 

1. Change Your Mindset


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If we keep on thinking that we cannot do something or that we are slow, then we will certainly will. At this point, we should change our mindset from the negative thought that we cannot do this thing in a positive setting. Yes, I can write faster! 

2. Begin With the End in Mind


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This is the number 2 of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People written by Stephen R. Covey.  What do you want to achieve? If you want to accomplish more things start with the reason why you need to do that. Your actions should be leading towards the achievement of the goal. 

3. Prepare a Template


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A template is an effective tool which we can use everytime we write a blog post. Following the guidelines set forth by the site, we can create our own blog template including all the necessary requisites of a blog. Here is a sample template which I created. You may copy this template or create your own depending on your writing style.

     #Working Title


     ##Section 1:

     <Images> Image Credits: Author - Site 

     ##Section 2:

     ##Section 3:


     Ready made template of your Personal Information 

4. Keep a Topic List


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We may not be staying most of the time in front of our laptops or computers. But during those times, ideas may come into our mind. We can make use of our mobile phones to save those ideas and add those to the list we created once we are can be able to. 

5. Don't Write and Edit at the Same Time


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Editing is a time-consuming activity. One of the suggestions I read is to write the entire content before starting with the editing. Doing one thing at a time can save us more time than trying to do things simultaneously. 

6. Set a Time Limit


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We have to set a time limit for ourselves and do our best to accomplish the task on time. This may take a little while but as we constantly do the same thing every day, we will be able to achieve the desired speed we wanted to achieve. Say at present time, we can write one blog post in two days, try reducing the time to one-and-a-half day then, later on, to write a blog post in one day. 

7. Eliminate Distractions


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One of the bad habits I have is having my mobile phone in front of me when I am writing. Not to mention that the television is also running in the background. The result, I spent more time shifting between watching television and checking my mobile phone than with my writing activity. 

8. Create a Plan


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One of the most important things in reaching a goal is to create a plan and implementing it. We should create a plan and strictly follow it.  

On the final thought...

While we should consider the quality of our work over the quantity, it is also imperative that we create content on a regular basis. Submitting content regularly will help us increase our web presence and our ability to earn more.

Here is another video that will teach us how to write faster. Enjoy watching!

Video Credits: Marie Forleo via YouTube

Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful day!

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