"How to Write...."

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            Mathew Arnold has said "Have something to say and say it as clearly as possible".So prefer the familiar world to the for fetched.Prefer the concrete world to abstract.Prefer the single world to the circumlocution.Prefer the short world to the long.

           Composition is the expression of our feelings,ideas and desire by means of words.Sir Francis Bacon has rightly said that writing makes and exact man.

            Ruslin says in his sesame and lilies "First of all i tell you earnestly and authoritatively that you must get in to the habit of looking intently at words, and assuring yourself to there meaning syllable by syllable nay letter by letter.You might read all the books in British museum and remain an utterly illiterate,uneducated person, but if you read ten pages of a good book with reading accuracy, you are forever more i some measure and educated person.The entire difference between education and non-education consist in this accuracy.

           Words may be either servants or masters.If the former, they may guide us in the way of truth.If the latter, they intoxicate.The brain and lead us into swamps of thought where there is no solid footing. Also the knowledge of words is the gateway to scholarship.Robert Louis Stevenson has truly said ,"the difficulty of literature is not to write,but to write what you want".

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