How Twitter makes Afghans to be a #ThoughtLeader using the Concept of #DigitalLiteracy

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"Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right things."

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When you think of the term Thought Leader what kind of definition comes to your mind? Yes, I know the term "Leader" usually makes many confusion. I am not going to talk about any leaders who are involved in political activities or any subject related to that.

This type of leadership that I am referring to is totally a different concept. Are you ready to become a Thought Leader? Do you think you can be a leader in what you are good in? So Let's start together. I will give you some tips based on my own experience.

Before taking any steps we need a very important and critical tool which give us the power to establish our leadership and that is social and digital media tools. I am sure that most of the people who access to the World Wide Web has several social networking accounts which they send and receive messages daily and publish their contents. However any of those platforms are designed for a specific purpose but in our case which one is the most useful and applicable one, is it Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,Tumblr, Instagram or something else? What do you think?

Each of those social networking platform is used for a specific purpose. You use Instagram for uploading images and videos. Linkedin is good to establish your professional career and contact people in the same business as you are, with Facebook you make more friends and express your impression and feeling and having more fun with them.

So What do you think? I am sure you probably find out which one is our suitable tool for being a Thought Leader.


I found Twitter the most powerful medium to communicate and connect with your target audience. Thanks to the Twitter's technique which we call HASHTAG # that is like the fuel for a car which leads you to drive and reach your right destination.

Here are my tips:

Step one: If you do not have any Twitter account so make it right now and do not waste your time hanging around to find randomly people whom you want to connect.

Step Two: This is a very important step. You are going to introduce yourself to the world in case of who you are,  what topics you are interested in  and whom you want to contact you. All of these questions can be found in your Twitter profile. Let's have a look on my profile in Twitter.

From my profile you can understand that I am in NYC. My interesting topics are #DigitalMedia, #Education, #WomenEmpowermet and so on. I also put a link to another profile of mine where they can find more information and contents about me. Therefore those who are experts in these topics or they want to learn more about them start following you.

Hint: PLEASE upload a nice picture of yourself or something meaningful related to your work. It is much more better than a profile with the egg symbol as the avatar ;)

Step Three: Tweeting, this is one of the main task of a person who has a twitter account. People will measure and evaluate your activities based on your Tweets.


Your Tweets can be your personal ideas or the Retweet of your connections. When you are tweeting a topic DO NOT FORGET TO USE YOUR HASHTAG.

Step Four: The @ sign. This feature acts as a notification. So if you are interested to name specifically someone and he/she gets notified that you have a new tweet add their names in your tweets, therefore they can favorite, retweet or the best scenario find you interesting and start following you.

This is my experience of the first day I have started using Twitter and every day it gives me more intellectual power and let me know about many wonderful people and let them know about me.

Below is my speech at the Lawrenceville School for Afghan girls on the value of digital media and communication

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and my experiences.

Do not forget that: everyone can be a leader if she/he finds the right path :)

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