how we can use internet on wifi devices when we have dsl connection

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Now a day, Internet is one of the most common facility all over the world. We can use Internet on our mobile, computer and laptop etc. In Pakistan P.T.C.L is one of the biggest company providing Internet facility all over the country. They have their different brands including D.S.L, 3G E.V.O which is available in different packages.

The Internet packages is based on downloading speed as well as the amount of data which a person can use by browsing or simple downloading something. These packages also depends upon the Internet speed. By using this a person can use Internet easily at home.

The old version of P.T.C.L modems does not include WiFi. But the new versions are WiFi built in. A person having P.T.C.L modem can easily share Internet with 4 different people. So, such person can not use WiFi. In that case, such a person have to buy an extra device which is known as t.p link. It is a device which is connected to main D.S.L cable and by using it we can use Internet on our mobile as well as laptops which contain WiFi.

T.p link also have 4 cable connector. By these connectors we can use Internet on 4 different computers. T.p link is available in two versions. The first version have one antenna and second version have two antennas based on there WiFi range.

We can also protect t.p link from an unauthorized connection by password. This password is required for the first time when a is devices connected through WiFi. So, only authorize person can connect to t.p link and can safely and easily use WiFi.

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