How we travel

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Vehicles are the things we use for travel. They make easy for us to travel from one place to another in short period of time for example the student who comes to school by cycle reach school early than the student who come school by foot. With the passage of time vehicles are upgrading by the help of scientists.


First people travel by foot then they use animals for fast travel. After it people invent cycle and they use it for travel and use animals for carrying heavy load. They use boats for travel in sea and many times their boats sink in water due to large waves. To prevent this scientist invent ships. Now these ships prevent to sink in sea by these waves.


Nowadays cars are the fruit of scientist’s hard work. These cars make easy to travel on high speed on highways. Today we touch the city which is at a long distance from our city in very short time. The world fastest car is Bugatti Veyron which travels at a speed of 431.072 km per hour.


But as the vehicles become advance they effects on our health like they produce bad and high sounds which affect our body and environment. In short old people have good health and environment.

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