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I have started doing humanatic a few weeks ago but never really have gone active until these past few days. In fact, I only work for two hours of taking calls. What I really like about it is that I feel like being brought to my previous jobs. 

I have worked as a call center representative for more than six years now. First, I work as a technical support for mobile phones, smart phones and tablets of a well known company in the US. Then I was transferred to a more complex kind of support. We were like super agents with the ability to do technical support, customer rep, sales and even billing. I was really into that support because I can pacify customers with discounts.

But then I have to move to Dubai and also worked there as a contact agent. Receiving calls and queries. So my job history shows I am inclined to taking calls and being able to do quality auditing like humanatic is quiet an advantage for me.

Today, when I logged in, I was surprised to receive this new category unlocked for me. Not just one but two.


More to go humanatic!

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