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If you are looking for a job that pays you to review calls, Humanatic is a good website that pays weekly. The payment you get depends on effort, consumed hours, and comprehension to know the tricks easily. As long as it is business days and you earned more than 10 dollars, it pays on time, directly to your verified Paypal account. I worked in Humanatic for two years, but since the calls were only available at night in the Philippines, I quitted the fact that my body can't handle the graveyard shift. The good news is, there are always calls these days that are fast-rewarding and easy even if their employees are increasing in numbers. The two classifications of calls are intermediate and the hard one once you pass the training-like test. It depends on what you choose. You are the boss of your time and preferences of categories of calls.



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Humanatic is a software-based corporation that collects a history-of call-data through cellphones and telephones from associated US companies. The employees are hired to listen to the calls for transcribing in order to provide safety and improvised customer service and the boosting in sales.

Humanatic accepts thousands of workers from different countries including the Philippines. Computer, headsets, and Internet connection are the basic materials to work properly. Cellphones are okay as long as there is a headset, you're a fast-typer on phone, and you can understand the names of the cars easily as well as the accent. The category of call in which the worker summarizes the conversation is ideal only for computer, but it still it depends on your ability to type and listen attentively. It is the best category for me, namely the Car Wars Summary (Car Wars Call Recap) because we are paid to write the important details about the product that the client is interested in. It pays a higher incentive of 2.84$ hourly call among all categories. There are many sections to transcribe efficiently but with a small payment. Those are fast-rewarding sections than the Car Wars Recap because we can recognize the answer immediately in the beginning even not listening to the middle conversations and directly click the last part of the talk.



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Before you make your own application letter, make sure that you have a verified PayPal to avoid a certain rejection. Unverified PayPal is not the only reasons why cannot be accepted on time. Did you write your letter through Grammarly? Did you see an application letter online, copy pasted, and revised? If you are interested to apply or reapply, type your application in their employment sheet/form. You can see a large textbox to introduce yourself with more than 500 characters. It doesn't matter how perfect your grammar is as long as it is not revised and copy pasted 'introduce yourself.' Your high standard won't matter as long as you write a letter with sincerity.

When you are accepted, you can access the two given categories to review/transcribe: inbound and outbound. Read its instructions carefully. Be careful to tag the answer and think twice before submitting or your work is audited that can lower down your earning. This test is to help you improve, determining your learning skill and to make sure you're not a cheater. Yet, don't worry, you can complain/dispute the call if you know you are correct. How to do it is to comment your opinion to the blank space and leave your initial below. Cheaters are an opportunist to earn fast money illegally such as using robots, humans but decline to listen to the entire calls and tagged the calls even they are unsure. You should listen to the audited call in order not to be guilty to protest and point out the time that evidences your correct answer. If you pass the self-training, congrats, you're on the way to unlock many categories that allow you to choose intermediate and difficult discussions. So far, Car Wars Call Recap pays 2.84$ per hour which is the highest paying category.


Your earnings appear in your WALLET. Just click PROFILE. Click EARNING. As long as you earned 10 dollars or more than that, you are eligible to withdraw your balance. They will send it to your PAYPAL account.



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Longest calls have a bigger reward than the short discussion. The long call duration is within 5- 23 minutes. The short call duration is 30 seconds- 4 minutes. You might think that the earning increases immediately if you review the short discussions. If you try to review the long calls and listen to the entire talking (no skipping from the beginning and jumped to the end instantly), you can earn 6$ a day for only 3 hours.

Some questions in Car Wars Call Recap category will follow like you're taking a school's final quiz and submit your paper. A loyal employee should listen to the entire discussion even if it's long. If not, the system could suspect you're loyalty without giving any warnings that will directly freeze/ban your account. Be aware that they can monitor the time duration of your transcribing and duration after submitted the data. The time consumed can always appear at the top of your profile if your work is audited. By not listening to the entire discussion over the phone, expect a subtraction of your rewards after certainly tagged the wrong answer. If you earned 10 cents by the reviewed 5-minutes call, your deduction is doubled to 20 cents. The point here is, it doesn't matter how long the of time you consumed as long as your answers are accurate, then you know what will happen next- no audit (deduction of rewards).

Don't rush to skip discussion if you can't understand the emphasis. Instead of clicking the 'skip' button, repeat the talk and catch every word that the customer was trying to say. If you can't still understand the diction, press the computer key: F5 to leap to another the call. But before you press F5, wait for 35 seconds because succeeding the 'skip' button between 10-20 seconds is dangerous for your account to be banned. The system may suspect you as a robot. The system calls 'bots' as cheaters.



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As part of transcribing is to get the basic information of the customer in order to submit quality data, but the credit/debit card and SSS numbers are confidential that cannot be written down or included to the data. Don't provide this information. The Humanatic software investigates the scammers and bans every reviewer that provides confidential information.



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American accent is sometimes hard to understand, but there are also the other accents (not American) that are very much harder to know. It can affect our reward and lower our accuracy if we are lazy to repeat the calls. It can also misspell the names of the cars and parts. The easiest words to understand is the car's year model. The best thing to do is to research on google about the words they said even sounds unfamiliar. Before or after the word, include 'car' and year model so that Google can provide a piece of exact information easily. For example, the caller says, "I am interested in the preowned 2018 Prime Time RV Crusader." The first time I thought about the word 'pre-owned' was 'prioned,' so I typed on google: 'prioned car 2017.' The first link that appears is about the '10 Most Affordable New Cars' that did not suit to the topic. But when I repeated the call to understand the diction well, I found out that the client meant: 'preowned.' There are some times too that the caller means 'RV' but I assumed it was 'RD.' When the caller said, " I saw the car in Blue Dog RV," I assumed she meant 'BlueDug RD.' The best idea is to know which website the caller saw the cars and the car-parts on sale. At the top of the site's search box, type the name of the vehicle so it is not time-consuming to listen to the discussion carefully and repeatedly only to know the mileage, whether diesel or not, whether it has a sunroof and moonroof, whether it is v6, whether it is leather and cloth, whether it is an all-wheel drive and four-door, and to know the stock and VIN number even not really focusing the middle conversation.

Avoid splitting the call, yet you can speed it up if you're an expert to the accent. You can also slow it down if the agent mentions an appointment. Finally, you'll be able to provide your detailed summary. Below are the samples by

Caller's name is Bob Smith. Bob is looking for more information about a car that he saw on He asks about a 2008 Pontiac Solstice. The agent says he will need to check if it's still available because someone was just looking at it. The agent promises to call back in 5-10 minutes. Bob's number is (713)-756-9126 and his email is

The caller does not share his name. The caller is looking to discuss the deposit amount that is required for down payment on a vehicle. The caller does not mention the vehicle make or model. Jose says that the bank is going to want a big deposit, and he asks how much the caller has available. A caller says he has $1,000, and Jose confirms that the amount is perfect. Jose requests an appointment, but the caller declined. He promised to call again to schedule an appointment at a later date. No contact information was shared.



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The Car Wars Call Recap asks, "Who Handled the call? What did the agent and caller discuss? What was the outcome of the call?

Below the questions, there is a big blank given to type the details. You can put the important information asked but remember that providing the typed details is not enough to submit the final data. You need to answer five questions below the form space in multiple choices so it is necessary to listen to the entire calls to know the outcome of their discussion. Did the salesman attempt to set an appointment?

In the first choice, it was said APPOINTMENT FOR A FIRM DATE/TIME. Select this option if you think that there was a specific appointment addressed in a talk. The agent may ask, 'When can you come in? Is there a time you can come in?' When is your availability for a test drive?" If the caller answers with a specific date and time, it is obviously a firm/specific appointment. If the caller provides the unspecific date but gives a specific time like 7:30, 10 am, 2 pm, it is still a FIRM appointment. If the caller provides the specific date but with 30 minutes time frame, it is still a FIRM meeting. Example: "I will be there within 30 minutes." 30 minutes is considered as fastest time frame which means a person can surely come in, so it is considered a specific appointment.

Select APPOINTMENT FOR A SOFT DATE/TIME if the agent asks when can the caller comes in, but the caller responds she/he can come in with an unmentioned date and time. For example, the agent asks: "Can you come in this week?' The caller responds, " I am not sure when but I am sure I can be there before this month ends." If the agent asks, "What time will you be able to do it today" The caller replies," I will be there about 45 minutes. Take note that 45 minutes is considered a not specific time frame. It is better to say, "around 1 pm."

Select an APPOINTMENT REQUESTED/MENTIONED BUT NOT SET if the agent asks an appointment but the caller likes to know more information about the car. Either the agent and the caller mentioned an appointment but the conversation is still talking about the car, the fact that the other party mentions about coming in, it is still considered to choose this option. Example: 'The car offers lots of rebates within this month and it has many features you will surely like.' The caller replies, 'I am excited to come in for a test drive soon but let me ask you first of more information about its program and out the door price.' In the conversation, even if the agent did not ask an appointment, it was the caller who offered, but it seems like his plan is to decline the meeting unless he will like the program of the car and the whole pricing. It is considered "APPOINTMENT REQUESTED/MENTIONED BUT NOT SET because there is no confirmation about the appointment from both parties.

Select AN APPOINTMENT WAS NOT DISCUSSED if both people talk about the vehicle but no one mentioned an appointment.

Select CORRECTION: NOT AN INVENTORY CONVERSATION if the caller is not interested in buying/leasing the car or the agent introduced the car but the caller declines. Example: "We have a new 2019 Jeep Wrangler that offers various incentives. Are you gonna trade in?", agent asked. The caller replied, "Sorry I am not interested." Select this option too if the caller only asks about the car parts, car services, finance, and the recently owned car.



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Avoid distractions around you. Go to your room or a place without noises so that you can learn quicker and be a master to summarize Car Wars Call Recap. Early morning is the best time to review to hunt many categories with thousands of available calls. Make a goal approximately 5-hours in the early morning and you will see the fruit of your industry. Don't be discouraged easily. Take note that even in an offline job, a strong personality is always needed. Good luck!

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