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"Hello! How may I help you?" 

This is one of the common greetings that I could hear every time I would sit down and start my work with Humanatic, an online site that offers call categorization jobs.  No matter how busy I maybe during the day, I would see to it that enough time is set aside for reviewing calls. Humanatic has been one of my reliable sources of additional income since 2013.  I owe a lot from this site especially during the time when my eldest son was still in college. 

A Brief Description of Humanatic

Humanatic Century Interactive, LC is a US Based online site which offers task-based work for its members. Members of the site will review and categorize pre-recorded phone calls from different companies, most of which are from car dealers who are clients of the site.  Humanatic members, most commonly referred to as "humans" will tag the calls based on what is required by a specific category.  Different call categories have different rules and required action. The site has provided the platform with the necessary application making the process much easier for the members.  A member will be paid based on the number of tasks completed. 

The payment per call depends on the category. Basic call categories would usually range from  $.009 to $.012 per call.  Advance call categories pay per call is $.019 to  $.05. Call Summary would pay around 20 cents up to 50 cents. Bonuses are available from time to time such as accuracy and leaderboard bonuses. 

Payment is on a weekly basis. Members can request payment as long as they were able to reach a minimum of $10 in their account. Cut-off time for requesting payment is Monday before 12 midnight. Humanatic members can receive their payments on Tuesday or Wednesday which is directly transferred to their PayPal account.

The Humanatic Logo

Humanatic uses a logo which I can compare to a combination of a brain and a machine. The original logo was the orange and black combination. 


Image Credits: Google and humanatic .com


As the time passes, the site logo evolved into a clear white on top of a blue background. This logo was used during the first introduction of Humfun. Then, later on, it was changed to clear white over the orange background.  Although the color combination changes, still the logo they are using to date is the same as the logo they were using when I first started.

How I Discovered Humanatic?

Considering that my salary being an ordinary employee was not enough to sustain the daily cost of living, I really need an additional income so that I may be able to give my children the things they needed. Working online was the only option that I can think of during that time. 

I discovered the Humanatic from myLot, one of the online communities where I was a member. One member posted about it and upon reading the post, I immediately searched for it in Google. I was lucky to find the site and proceeded with the registration. I was routed to the sign-up page and right there I was required to write a letter of application which I immediately complied. 

Since that was already 11:30 in the evening, I decided to sleep and decided to just wait for the reply from the management. I was not expecting much from it because most often, US based sites seldom accept workers from other countries. When I woke up in the morning, I was surprised to see an email coming from Humanatic Century Interactive. I immediately opened the email and there in the email was a notice that I could start immediately together with the login details provided by the site. 

Image Credits: Email Screenshot:: Pixabay for the background Jedom


A combination of excitement and fear rushed all over me that time.  It was 4 o'clock in the morning and I usually wake up that early in order to devote some time for my online work before I go to work, my day job. I immediately opened the site and log in using the details provided to me. I was too excited for the newly found job opportunity. I spent my time reading the instructions and after about an hour, I closed the laptop and prepared for my day job.

When I came home that day, I read the overview and studied all the sample calls before I finally started working. As stated in the guidelines, we should focus more on accuracy over the speed to be able to continuously work on the site. During that time, I was given 2 call categories, inbound and outbound calls. 

After studying the overview, I set out to work. I listened intently to the call to make sure I hit the right button. I should not commit any mistake, otherwise, I might lose the job. I worked until midnight having a few dollars on my account. When I woke up on the following day, I started working again before I leave for work. 

When I returned from work on the following day, I started immediately even before taking my dinner. I was surprised to find 2 more call categories, Inventory and Reason Not Connected. I didn't know there were other call categories, all the while I was expecting I would be working for 2 call categories for the rest of my life. 

 After 5 days, I was able to hit the minimum requirement for cashing out. Since I need to be sure that the site is legit, I waited until my payment request was credited to my PayPal account. I couldn't be happier when I received my first payment from the site. 

I continue working and sharing the experience with my friends. Until almost everyone knew about it. I discovered a facebook group where members are sharing some the techniques and strategies in order to earn more. But I remain focused on my old scheme. It's okay even if my progress is slow as long as my answers are correct. I would always go for accuracy over speed. 

They Called Me Super Human

After about seven months of working seriously, I received another email on September 27, 2013 from Humanatic  with an opening message "You are a Super Human!" 

Image Credit: Email Screen Shot:: Pixabay for the background Jedom


I was never expecting for this that I would become a Super Human. I know this is one of the dreams of most call reviewers. I was then promoted as a call auditor, wherein additional tasks were given. A call auditor is in-charge of double checking those calls marked by the system as poorly tagged.  The pay per call is somehow higher than the regular call. 

However, due to the slow connection and not being able to do the job on a full time, I seldom get calls to be audited, so I would usually settle to reviewing calls.  I could only audit during weekends when I have ample of time and would usually stay in front of the computer for long hours. 

The site continuously gained popularity among online workers. Several changes have been implemented such as giving additional task for auditors. We were allowed to mediate calls and we were called mediators. Humfun, a new platform was also introduced and is currently being used by the site. 

Some of the members had found other source of income and left the site. More and more new members came in. Verified PayPal is now required before you could even apply for work. From time to time, problems with payment would occur. But still, the site is here to stay. 

Below is a screen shot of some of the payments I received from Humanatic. Not that high but a big help for me as it augments the insufficient income from my day job. 



Image Credits: Email Screenshot:: Pixabay for the background Jedon


Overall, Humanatic has been a great help for many Filipinos and I am one of those individuals who was benefited from the site. We belong to the pioneer members of the site. I am not sure where the others may have currently been but I'm sure, like me, they are thankful that they discovered such a great site. 

Who wouldn't be happy when you could work right at the comfort of your home earning dollars without leaving the country? 

With Humanatic, many dreams have been fulfilled and many people were able to provide the needs of their families. 

Would you like to work in Humanatic?

You may sign up directly at Please see to it that you have a valid and verified PayPal account before signing up.


Image Credits: :: Pixabay for the background Jedom

Maintaining high accuracy rating is the key to earn more in Humanatic. Having a high accuracy rate will increase your chance of getting more call categories to work with. 

I wish you all the best. 

Thank you for reading.

Hope you are doing fine.

Here is another video explaining how Humanatic works. Hope you enjoy it.

Video Credits: via YouTube


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by: Sharon Lopez


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