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Dear reader i am also a humanitarian worker, i join this field from last 3 years. I like those people who serves their life for humanity. It is a very big thing in life when you achieve something in your life and get satisfaction from it. Many of our friends working in this field in Pakistan. Specially in this time it is greatness of the people working for humanity. As a worker of USAID i saw many hopefull eyes of needy people waiting for us. I suggest all my friends please participate your coordination for Pakistani people. As their is operation in different areas of KP FATA in pakistan, and many of our brothers and sisters are IDP's. I just want to ask from pakistani people that is it humanity that instead of helping these needy people you people are increasing rents of those homes which they are taking from you on rent?


why we are increasing the prices of daily use goods, that we earn lot of mony?

Common.. these people need your sympathy not cruelty.




just for a mint keep yourself in this picture than you can realize the pain of leaving your happy life ,your home, leaving your properties and moving to some new place with losing your sweet ones. No body knows where they are going and where they will stop their journey. 

its very difficult my friends.. very difficult.. 

but i really proud on those all organizations they are working as a team to help them. they are playing their lives in risks, because already the situations are not in their fever ,the different oppositions who are not accepting NGO's etc.

One of these organization is USAID which is playing great role in repairing the infrastructure of pakistan in different projects. 

I appreciate all the humanitarian people who can feel pain.


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