Humans of pak :)

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"Once a lady came here for shopping and after parking her car she asked me to clean it. Inside the car there was a child and an uncle. I cleaned the car and went aside. After a while, I came back to see if they have left or not; as they still had to pay my wage. 
When I looked inside the locked car, I only found the child laying on the back seat. Firstly, I thought that he is sleeping but then I become suspicious and tried to wake him up. After many tries, he didn't move and I had to call my friends to help me break the window. I took the unconscious child to the nearest hospital. The poor soul lost his consciousness because of the suffocation inside the closed car.
Later the boy's family took me to their home, treated me very well, and tried to reward me. I refused to take it by saying that, 'I did this for the sake of humanity, not for money.' but they insisted and I had to take it. 
Afterwards, I shared the reward money with my friends, and had pizza for the first time in my life."

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