Humans of pakistan.

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"Our marriage lasted for 27 years and 2 months. She was sick. The gynaecologist was trying her best to save her life. But it was her time. I did not realize it while we were together but my whole world fell apart when she passed away. Spouses fight, and have arguments every second day. I have witnessed that mostly men from my relatives mistreat their wives. But I didn't. I loved her so much! Neither humanity nor our religion has given man any authority to mistreat women. It is said in the Holy Quran that men are the caretakers and protectors of their families. Prophet (PBUH) also said that if a woman is earning and she spends that on her children, that's her charity for her children. If she feeds her children, she can ask her husband to pay her for the task of raising the child. So on what level do men believe that they are superior to women and can mistreat them? We don't have any right. I am alone now but I know that my wife will be with me in the afterlife. I just hope that she is happy with me, wherever she is. I tried to treat her the best way I could. I feel so lonely without her. Men, treat your wives in a good manner. You don't know how much you are dependant on her, and how much you will miss her in her absence. Make her feel like a queen today, while you can!"

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