Hyedarabadi Language.

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Hyderabadi Language

Urdu, Hindi and Telugu are the principal languages spoken in Hyderabad Deccan India. A large percentage of the population is also well-versed in English.
Both Urdu and Telugu have linguistically impacted on each other in Hyderabad. The Telugu spoken there has assimilated many Urdu words into it. And the Urdu spoken there is also unique, with influences of Marathi and Telugu, giving rise to a dialect sometimes called Hyderabadi Urdu or Deccani.
Though Urdu is the preferred language of the elite, it is hard to keep Deccani out of Hyderabadi people. An interesting anecdote lays bare the strong affiliation of a Hyderabadi with Deccani.
It's not difficult to learn Hyderabadi; you only need a little enthusiasm for life just like any Hyderabadi and meet as many of these typical Hyderabadis as possible.
Anyone can easily identify us as a Hyderabadi once we start speaking in our typical Hyderabadi Urdu Language.
You will never find such a unique and only one of its kind words anywhere in the world except in Hyderabad. Its endearing nuances have given Hyderabad a genial character.
People do sometime make a fun of our Hyderabadi Urdu Language, it is really bad to do so. But we feel proud of our language as we are the creators of this unique language.
People of other city, state and country have to tell their native place, but we Hyderabadi get identified without informing our native place with our sweet and unique Hyderabadi language.
Many Hyderabadi high society people try to avoid speaking in this typical language, but in their conversation you will definitely hear one or two unique Hyderabadi words, it is really hard to get away with this unique language.
Hyderabad language too has its own distinct sound & flavour and yes, it is more varied as it has its own dialects in different parts of the city.
If the real Hyderabadi is laced with Urdu and typical to the old city, the new city has a fair mix of English and Telugu to it.
Mostly old city people use unique Hyderabadi Urdu language with a sense of pride . You will come across this typical language from various people. Here is a funny interview of a cricketer to show you how Hyderabadi language sounds