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So while waiting for my video to upload (which apparently failed for out-of-reach reasons), I watched the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 6, it's entitled as what I'd put here. 

Turns out that no progress had happened in bringing one of their friends back. From the last season, Bonnie, the group's friend witch, had been transported back to 1994 due to some mystical events. It's a long story, I know it would not be a good idea to write further more about it here, lol, for the sake of not eating much of your time reading this. Going back..using another witch's spell and an ascendant (from the itself), they'll finally have another way to bring Bonnie back home! One thing though, something happened in a very unfortunate way for them, halting their attempt on saving their friend. This led to Kai, the badass wizard, to destroy the ascendant. He's selfish and has a desire to be merged with his witch sister to become more powerful and bringing Bonnie back would only be an interference in his plans.

This antagonist could really be the worst evil in this show, but could also be one HOT guy for his villain-role! Christopher Wood's a rookie in the industry but I tell you he's my newly found crush lol! I might have sworn watching his immoralities, but at the same time he also could make you swoon! How's that possible?!

Do you know any other actors/antagonist who also could ironically make you giddy?

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