I am that Kashmiri Child!!!

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The eroded fiber of my life is strengthened.
My bisected organs,in the storm of bombs sing.
Each part of my feet,that was cruelly butchered.
In the crazy explosion of shells and strings.
Now sings scared hymns of Allah`s might.
I didn`t search the school,but too a holy sight.
Where i play with my mates.
Who met the same fortunate fate,
Tell those fiendish soldiers I am grateful to them.
Their madly born blasts brought me rejoice.
And now `janat-e-ma`va is my realm.
Where I dwell and happily make noise.
Each bone of mine,each spot of my flesh.
Has been binded by adhesive grace of Allah.
Lucky am I!thrice proclaim I!!!
`Amma,don`t view my remains.
As i have achieved that might and main.
Which if you could pictured with these eyes.
Could have alleviated your excruciating pains.
Because I dwell in Allah`s affection.
Where brightly refulgent is our Prophets name (PBUH).
So Amma,hold back these tears.
They remind me of this fallible world.
Where lives are trodden by furies and fear.
And noisome lust are always hurdle!
Amma I bet ,you`ll envy these majestic lanes.
Thus,camping toward my grave.
Never lose against emotions....
Amma,be determined,be brave!!
"Shaheed always live"remember the nation!
Tell those fiendish soldiers,if they`ll continue this combat.
Then from heaven Allah will send His grace
to embrace martyrdom world be the wonder of lads .
And those(Indian soldiers)would be,throttled with one bold pace!!



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