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A world at peace with itself. A world that is a mosaic of cultures, religions, ethnicities. A world in harmony with its fellowman. As searing images flash across our TV screens of death and destruction in Syria, Africa, and the Middle East, we can only hope that “Never Again” will forever be “Never Again.” Journalist Marie Colvin who so courageously died last week in Syria, compared the siege of Homs to that of Srebrenica – “the world again stands by not having learnt its lesson.”

Naida Sekic, a member of the Bosnian & Herzegovinian diaspora now living in Sweden, shares her dream and voice again to DIPLOMATICALLY INCORRECT. 

 -- From Susan Sacirbey


Dear world, kindly cease the killings, cool the fires and wash off for a second and just hear me out. Chinua Achebe once said, "As long as one people sit on another and are deaf to their cry, so long will understanding and peace elude us all." Sadly, the many outrages of today have proven him right. Just the thought of it has become dire let alone watching the rivers of blood caress the sea, hearing the screams of hunger and reading of the hurt of mothers all day, every day.

I have a question. Why insist upon tearing your finest value and greatest strength to a million little pieces? Why stand in the way before human relations? Why act as if the notion of a multicultural, multi-religious and multi-ethnic society is merely new and strange; a problem in fact, which needs to be dealt with by crushing it to its core. This is an act of pure evil as diversity is one of the most beautiful blessings of humanity. Diversity is meant to be liberated and celebrated, not to be captivated and obliterated.

The ambition to end diversity has triggered many conflicts, both political and social as well as personal. Consequently, this cruel message of bigotry makes our children hate and fear their fellow men. Is this really necessary? Is the heavy spurious propaganda, the killings of innocent and the shattering of dreams really worth the hunt for power and greed? Perhaps such persons should remind themselves that we shall all lie alike in our graves, and we shall do so without our castles, our cars and our money. The only wealth we are to bring are the treasures of our souls. This is a fact, yes? Let us then feed our souls with the grace of generosity.

See, I believe in humanity. Despite the tragic realities of today, my eyes shall not go blind before the goodness of our home. I refuse to disregard the millions of hearts of good who strive, in their own beautiful ways, to make our home just a tad better for us all. Such hearts stand strong and make a silent prayer for the travelers when gunned down by the voracious. See the beauty of diversity? It is extraordinary; kindly do not take it away from us. 

"Let peace enter within you like a flowing river, slowly embracing you with its coolness, healing the fire, softening the hardness, and wrapping itself firmly around your heart. Let love enter within you like the rising sun, filling every inch of you with its effulgent light, slipping smoothly out of a bleak, dismal night, and enfolding its warmth around bitterness. Let the grace of humanity enter within you like a blossoming flower, beautifying your every way in all its splendor, with its perfume masking the sinful odor and enveloping its colors around darkness."

       ---Naida Sekić


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