I just broke up

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About two weeks ago, my girlfriend and I ended our almost-five-year relationship. Even though we both know it's for the best and we were so lucky to have shared what we did, breaking up has been hard. We ended things in the best possible way, something I've rarely experienced at the end of previous relationships, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been incredibly hard to stay positive and present lately. In fact, in some ways, ending on such good terms makes it harder. I don't have any anger or disgust to distract me from my sadness. A great person I loved and lived with with over four years will no longer be in my life. Not only will I have to change lots of aspects of my day-to-day life, but the person I'd been closest to for years, a person I still really care about will no longer be by my side while I am making these changes. In the past, I've generally coped with break-ups by reminding myself of all the reasons I'd be better off without the person, but that's impossible to do in this case since I really, truly think the girl I was dating is an awesome person and, while we were together, she made me more awesome. Instead of feeling angry or grateful she's gone, I'm facing sadness and an empty spot in my life. In short: it sucks.

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