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A kite is a toy made of our light frame of bamboo having covered with a paper. The frame is made of two thin strips, one long and the other is short with a cross shaped having a two more strips joining the end of the cross pieces where the lower end of the long center and a curved pieces of bamboo joining the two end of the cross pieces with the top end of the center piece. So the shape is a triangle with a curved base.

Over this frame is stretched thin but strong paper. This paper is generally colored having a red, blue, yellow, green, white and even in every color. Along string is then fastened near the middle of the long center of the frame and the kite is ready to fly. For flying a kite, a good wind is necessary because without wind the kite it will not be flying in the air. How to start the kite right, one take it and want some distance.

While the other boy who is take it to fly the kite it stands still, holding the long string. The one who take it in his hands then after covering some distance so it up into the air, the kite upward and the range catches it and blows it before it. The kite flyer just trying to check and study the kite and the time rises higher and higher in the air. The more and more friends takes to write the kite it will be flying higher and higher.

The kite flyer can control a flying by pulling in or letting out the string. Flying is a favorite game in the peoples of every country of the world including Japan, China and Pakistan. Boys and girls even in every country of the world holds kite flying contest all tournaments. On Pakistan, these games are played in special occasion like Basant. The game of each kite flying is to cut the string of the kite of the other with a string of  kite by making his kite flying across there and then fall in his friends quickly and for tell the others.

When a kite,  does deviate defeated, for other people all the people watching race to catch it. It takes a good deal of scale to manage a kite in a proper manner in the air. Kite flying is a very good game it not only helps to the extra curricular activities but also it is the way of the peoples to meet each other. In Pakistan the special occasion Basant is celebrated especially in Lahore,  the peoples go with their relatives and all are combined and celebrate this location.

In this location the woman celebrated it with a different types of dresses having a different colors and also making different types of dishes. Kite flying is a special type of scale and everyone do not know how to flying the kite. Some people have a knowledge of flying the kite but most of the people are ignored it.

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