I love to read my Holy Quran that is the final book of God

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I have read lots of book but my favourite is the Holy Quran the final book of Allah. This greatest book is revealed by Allah himself. Allah is the creator of the whole universe. It was brought by Hazrat Gabriel to the last prophet SAW.It was send in parts.

The whole book was revealed in about twenty three years. It has one hundred and fourteen chapters.It as revealed in thirty parts. Its language is Arabic the most sacred language chosen by Allah Almighty.It is the most widely read in the world.

The great book of Allah is the shining star for all the nations and for all the times.Its teachings are natural its message is for the man of all ages.The Holy Quran very effectively teacher us to strong faith in Allah.Each and every word of it guides us to the way of piety faithfulness and truth.

It shows us the right path that lead us towards external enjoy and happy. In this book we are hold that Allah is the creator of universe Hell.This book tells the believers that Allah is wisest all powerful and all knowing.He does not need any one. He is the master of all he knows and see all that we feel think and do.

when we read this book its impressive language and inspiring teaching take hold of us. This book is gift of Allah for human being.It advises us to follow the right path. the book of Allah gives us the rules to lead life successfully.Its continously reading purify our souls and inspire us to lead a good and disciplined life.

The believers get mental satisfaction and relief by reciting it whenever I get depressed or deprived.I turn to this book to get satisfaction and mental peace.It is the constant source of inspiration and guidance for the believers who turn towards it whole heartly.  

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