I must not be a one trip pony.

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Hiding myself away in a quiet corner, I grab a chewed pen and an envelope and scribble down the foundries of a hopefully new and challenging idea.

If you've watched my previous films, NOTICE and KYLE you might notice that they're very character based.

They are about the coming together of two opposing individuals and while I like that style, I think it's time to dip my toes into something a little more challenging.

Still keeping my style of 'BritGrit' (knock off lager, dodgy DVDs etc etc) I want to plunge a modern mislead and dysfunctional youth/youths into a darkly mature situation. 

It's a real battle in my head to break away from that formulaic comforting atmosphere shown through NOTICE and KYLE...This has to be different.

I must not be a one trip pony.

I must not be a one trip pony.

I must not be a one trip pony.

Yeah, you get it.

So, from here on, my writing head is on! I will gladly keep you updated on it's progress...

Below is a possible location....What you reckon?

Oh and that's my dog :)

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I make short films for a hobby! Despite 7 years studying towards a professional career in the medium I have found freedom of film-making and self expression doesn't come with a pay check...I have a huge interest in Youth/Community development that I like to blog, photograph and film :)

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