I Wish I Could be Like Him/Her

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Almost every person in this world has this THOUGHT even once in his or her life time
( how great this person's life is )

but you know what you are the one who create your DESTINY, you decide how you wanna be LIVE, you decide how you gonna BEHAVE, there is no one else responsible for your behavior or destiny 

whenever someone else says something about your life, like they wanna to have your life, from ever, like you are living a life of a ROYALS, but whats the first thought that came in to your mind " huh!, you don't know what my life is going through"

that's the thought every other person have in their thought, because you don't know, whats their LIFE is all about, you just see the outside GLAMOUR, and you wish for that..

you don't know what that person is thinking about, or how he spends his nights alone, maybe CRYING so stop wishing for someone else's life make your life better, you can do it 

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