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The future of a nation depends mostly on its students. They are to run the affairs of the state. If they are corrupt , the whole country will go to the dogs. Thus, it is the most important duty of the state, the government and the parents to educate and train the youth properly. Students should be provided with ample facilities of getting education. They should have every opportunity to get admission to education and professional institutions according to their abilities.

          On the other hand, it is the scared duty of students to put all the energies of their heart and soul in the noble cause of gaining knowledge . an ideal student studies whole – heartedly and learns his subjects as a whole. His performance in the examinations is remarkable. He devotes maximum time to his studies and does his homework regularly and carefully. He is committed to his mission.

          An ideal student is net a bookworm either. He is social and friendly. He also takes part in games and extra-curricular activates, He is a good debater and speaker. He helps his fellow students in frequently and reads more books than included in his course. He reads newspaper to keep himself abreast of the changes taking place around him. His knowledge is up-to-date.

          The greatest curse in our educational institutions is the exploitation of students by the politicians and the gangsters. But an ideal student keeps away from politically motivated elements. He keeps away from bad company. He minds his own business and keeps such people at an arm’s length. The main aim of an ideal student is to seek knowledge. He does not believe in getting through the examination by hook or by crook. He shows honesty and integrity in all matters of life, especially in his educational career.

          An ideal student is noble, kind and helpful to his fellow students. He loves his studies and respects his teachers. He is loyal to his country. He seeks knowledge to become a useful member of society. He works for the progress and prosperity of his nation. He is upright in his dealings and above board in hi deeds. He believes in justice and fair play in all matters of his life. He works for the good of his fellows.

          In short, an ideal student has a very strong moral character. He believes in his hard work and devotion to his cause. He never tells a lie. He is a good leader and never believes in accepting the challenges of life. He makes things happen through his labour.  

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