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Hi Film Annex users,


I am not a professional filmmaker but I have a passion for films. I'm here thinking of what type of film I can do with my Cannon PowerShot SX130 IS. If I got sufficient funds, I will buy another camera with accessories too. I think of other types of nice films like maybe a Sci-Fi Film but maybe it's gonna be so long to film, but anyways I can try to do some experiments to see what the results are or maybe do a trailer to begin.

Another think is that I have good knowledge to do video games so I can do an animation video on one of a very known game Engine. I have a slideshow that I did with a small Electronic Music that I composed for a campaign that didn't raise a penny on indiegogo (that I will relaunch) to get resources to do these animation movie called "New Heroes - The Apocalyptic Techno Wars Begins". I don't know if I can put these slideshow calling on the legends for an indiegogo campaign here on Film Annex, I will check it out, so I will upload on Film Annex when the campaign will be relaunch. The problem on the crowdfunding on indiegogo is that if you have a new project it will be for the public to see for a week and if you don't reach a minimum of U$50, the campaign isn't on the list anymore. It is still on indiegogo but only for the people that knows the name or people that you invite to see your project. For your campaign to stay there for a month on the list, you have to get a minimum of U$100 and to be highlighted till the end you have to get more than U$150. For a beginner, it is terrible but I will try to do it again so I don't lose the opportunity. It's an idea to get resources to do a film, even if you are not living in North America.

If I succeed with my new project campaign, I will make the animation video and upload it here on Film Annex, that in my opinion is the best idea and place to Filmmakers to upload their work and get sponsored.

If you have new ideas to collaborate and get resources for new films, please post on the blog.

Stay Tuned at PixFlake Web TV with news about Movies and new Films uploads.

Thank you.

Gabriel A. Berman.

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