Ideology of Pakistan

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Pakistan came into being in 1947, after a long struggle. The Indian Muslims had been fighting against the English and the Hindus for centuries. The main aim was to have an Islamic state of their  own. They wanted to have a full growth of their culture in their country.  The basis of Pakistan is Islam. Islam is complete code of life can guide the Muslims in private as well as in a public matters.


Our Progress depends on social justice and equality. Justice nabs equality before the law and equal rewards and punishment irrespective of social status of man. It means now highly placed a person may be. He should be answerable for his bad deed. He should be punished just like any lowly placed person. All the people rich and poor alike should have equal chances of making progress in any field they like. For Example intelligent and able poor students should be admitted to the best educational institutes.



We need to teach the Pakistan Ideology correctly and fully. Our education from the school to the University level should have a regular pattern of Ideological studies.


The courses should be related to these student should be interested. We should introduce our ideology to the people at large through films, Radios, TV, Speeches and Roadside Discussions.

We can become great if we follow our Ideology in the true Spirit and big examples are China and Soviet Union for us.



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