Idioms 4

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This is the 4 blog about English Idioms, and as we know that we have to use them in order to understand the meaning of the sentence, and also as we know that it is a part of a culture that have to be considered in our minds:

  • To be a cornerstone: to be the basis of something/ to be essential.

  • Around the clock: all day and night.

  • Get the ball rolling: start something.

  • By the book: doing something according to rules.

  • With flying colors: with enthusiasm.

  • In a tight corner: in a trouble.

  • A couch potato: lazy person.

  • Crocodile tears: false tears.

  • A shoot in the dark: guess.

  • Come in handy: to be useful.

  • Double edge weapon: capable of being interpreted in two usually contradictory ways.

Written by: Mohammed Hussein

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