Idioms 6

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And we are here again with the idioms and its usage in our daily life and I know it is a little bit difficult to memorize these idioms but I can tell you that I would better if you practice those idioms with your family or friends to keep it in your mind

  • Cool (kick) one's heels: be kept waiting
  • throw one's hat in (into)the ring: indicate willingness to take up a challenge or enter a contest
  • grasp the nettle: tackle a difficulty boldly
  • great and small: of all classes, types or sizes
  • wipe something off the map: obliterate something totally
  • het (have) itchy feet: be restless/have a strong urge to move to travel
  • by all odds: certainly
  • get on someone's nervous: irritate or annoy someone
  • have a nervous of steel: not be easily upset or frightened
  • one's luck is in (or out): one is fortunate or unfortunate on a particular occasion
  • lay a change: make an accusation
  • take to one's heels: run away
  • in force: in great strength or numbers
  • fair and square: with absolute accuracy
  • the crack of dawn: very early in morning
  • better late the never: it is preferable for something to happen belatedly than not at all.

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