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If the question is put to me, “What would you do, if you find yourself a millionaire on walking up one fine morning?”---my reply will be, “I do not know”. There are many friends of mine who can easily answer this question. They have their list of benevolent activities all neatly arranged, because they know not what to do. I know what it feels like when one comes into a heap of money unexpectedly. I did once when I won the prize money of 200000 rupees in a draw of national prize bonds of Rs-10000 denomination last year. Well, for three to four days I was treading in the air and talking utter nonsense.


If I were a millionaire, I cannot say exactly what I would do. This is quite certain that no thought of helping the poor or unemployed person would come to my mind all at once. For some days I would remain in a wonderfully confused condition. It is only when the glory of the moment would fade a little that I would try to think calmly.


The thought of epicurean way of life would come to my head, I am sure- I am telling u this very frankly. Not that I am worst than others. I am just the common clay that goes to the making of the rest of humanity. Among the pleasures I would enjoy, the first and foremost would be that of traveling aboard. I am passionately fond of travel. If I were a millionaire, I would be traveling millionaires, not a lazy and fat one this is sure.


It is hard to say that how much of my huge fortune would be spent in travel. As I would travel like a seeker of pleasure my expenses would be pretty large. I would have traveler cheques, American Express and credit cards in my pockets I would stay at five star hotels and travel by air mostly.


After enjoying life for few years I would return to Pakistan. I am not another Ibn-i-Batuta that I should sit down and write a description of my travels. But I would build a magnificent palace like that of Kublai Khan.

I like gardens. I would like to have gardens like those of Babylon. Under the cool shades of the trees I would live like Omar Khayyam.


This does not mean that I would not give anything in charity. But my charity would be like that of Khalif Haroon-ul-Rashid. No one would know about it. I would not give it out of sense of duty.


It’s a well-known saying that “Money makes the mare go.” The importance of money in day-to-day life cannot be denied. The rich man enjoys all the comforts and luxuries of modern life but the poor fails to get even the basic necessities of life. If I were so rich, I have thought of a number of projects for the well-being of the poor people. In short if I were a millionaire, I would use my immense wealth for my pleasure and improving the living conditions of the young and the old people around me. Thus when departing from this world I would have the satisfaction of leaving behind a noble legacy. Perhaps other would also follow my example and a new tradition of selfless service would begin.


                                                                             Written By: Syed Faiz Mujtaba

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Name Syed Faiz. Born 5 March 1996 in Haripur Pakistan. Work at Film-Annex and student.

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