If would you go any place where do you go and why?

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If I can go anywhere absolutely I go to Germany.  

I have several reasons for going to Germany.

1:  I love Germany’s weather because it has moderate weather and less air pollution.

2: The second reason, which is very important for me is the security and the human rights.

3: Another reason for going to Germany is Economical power of country.

4: My other reason is the high quality of education.

5: And another reason for me is people! The Germans are very careful about their time and I like this good habit of Germans.

6: And also Germans are very friendly with each other.

I think when I go to Germany I can achieve to my big dreams, at first I can be having a safe life without fear of my next day, like that I have here in this country.

Doubtless will I be there I can take role in high education institutes and I can make a light future for myself and people whom are partner of my life.

But it was better if I could achieve my goals here, but I am not sure.

In Germany you have your freedom personality; you can state your ideas about different subjects, like economic, society, ideas.



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Somaya Ahmadi is from Herat Afghanistan. Somaya Ahmadi is graduated from Litrature faculty of Herat University . Somaya Ahmadi was also graduated from Hatifi High school in 2008. She has interested to playing soccer.

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