If you want to know how screwed you are, read this

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This has got to go! Poverty is artificial, we have plenty of resources for everyone. You were born into a giant Ponzi scheme and no one is telling you the truth. So how screwed are you, exactly? Have you seen the movie Matrix? That's pretty much accurate, the only difference is that fellow humans do this to us, not machines.

So how can we hit back? To get really rough, you have to hurt the bottom line: stop buying stuff that's made by sweatshop workers. Don't buy bottled water unless your local water is proven to be unsafe. Don't buy useless stuff that only exist for the sake of marketing. Hurting the corporate bottom line equals a kick under the belt. Exercise it often, start throwing those kicks. Play it dirty, there is no room for sportsmanship anymore when less than hundred individuals own the majority of the world's wealth.


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