Illnesses Caused By Stress

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'Illness From Stress

Stress is very dangerous as it causes several illnesses and even sudden death to a person. Some of these disorders are: lack of sleep (insomnia), anxiety, palpitation, headache (migraine), diarrhea because of nervousness, high blood pressure (hypertension) and heart diseases.

Money or financial problems usually cause stress. Here are some of the important thoughts about it.

1. Avoid stress. Be thrifty. Live your life according to your capacity.
2. If you want to buy anything, let it pass for a while, for about twenty four hours (24 hours). This will give you an ample time to think. You may change your mind in acquiring it. You might not need it at the moment like expensive clothes, jewelry and gadgets.
3. You don't need expensive branded things to be happy. If you don't need them, don't buy them. Try to save money that you can use in times of financial recession.
4. Avoid being buried in the world of DEBTS. The more you owe and the bigger the amount, the heavier stress they will bring you back.
5. Pray and make your faith stronger in the divine and almighty power of God.

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