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A few years ago I had the inspiration to contact the IMF and propose them a collaboration with Film Annex.
Tommaso, my brother and partner, had done his University Thesis on the IMF and spent some time studying in Washington.

I took the train from NYC to Washington and attended a meeting with the outreach/marketing representatives of the IMF at their headquarters.

As most large institutions I was impressed by the very expensive doors , art work , and minimal number of people working at their desks.

Towards the end of the meeting I did ask permission to go to Toilette, and there I did find some interesting brochures about Domestic Violence.
the brochures explained that IMF employees have a serious problem with domestic violence.
I did find this matter quite unusual and I took one of the brochures back to the meeting.
I did ask what was this about, I was told that unfortunately many cases of domestic violence had happened with IMF employees and they had to resort to print brochures to deal with this problem and possibly educate their employees out of such habit.

On a lighter note two conclusions from this weekend:

a) when a high ranked diplomat is in a hotel they should have a special sign outside of the door and only string and male employees should venture to enter those rooms.
Beware of Diplomat!

b) Sofitel might reconsider its policy to hire attractive female employees and replace them with bouncers:

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