Importance and benefits of English language in the development of a country

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Today we talk about betterment of a country and its relation with English language in the developing of countries.Today the it is very high and most important thing to survive.As the subject of under developing countries felt the need to learn English language.

These people are also knew that English is the International language and have a great importance in the world.In the Asian country English subject is a the most important for every class.Because due to English a country develop more than other language.

We know that English language is used in every profession like Communication,Teaching,banking,in Commerce and exchange etc.Mostly books are published in English and to translate all these books in other language is not possible.To study and get knowledge from these books learning English is very important.

Training abroad in different field would not be available without learning English.If the developing countries are getting benefits today's by training and education abroad,it is because English.Another a great advantage of English that Pakistan has gained by becoming an atomic power is that the Muslim countries feel themselves more secure against the Non-Muslim country by learn English and research in the science.

Today if we want a high standard life, we must learn English and play a better role in the development of Pakistan.

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