Importance and uses of electrolytes in human body

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In human body so many electrolytes will be present which are very useful for the living organisms both in animals and human body. Electrolytes play an important role in side the body.

Basically the electrolyte will present in the body of both human and animals. The major electrolyte which will be present in our body are sodium, potassium, calcium, bicarbonates, sulphate, phosphates and chlorine. Electrolyte play a proper function in the body.

In case of decrease or increase in these electrolytes the disorders will occurs in the body. Sodium is an extracellular fluid which is present in outside the cell. It produce the electrical signals which allows muscles to contract and relaxed and also the proper functioning of brain.

If the amount of sodium is increases in the blood then so many diseases are occurs. In case of excess of sodium the dehydration, fever, Diarrhoea and vomiting will cause.  In case of deficiency of sodium in the blood as a result the brain diseases, cancer and thyroid problems will occur.

Potassium is an intracellular fluid which is present inside the cells of the body. It is used to generate the electrical impulse that allows the muscles and brain to work properly. If the amount of potassium is increases in the blood then brain problem, kidney failure will cause.The decrease of amount of potassium in the blood cause vomiting, sweating.

Calcium is an another electrolytes which is an extracellular fluid present in inside the cell of the blood. It is related with protein. The intake of calcium through diet is very essential for the patient. The deficiency of calcium cause weakness of muscles. To increase the amount of calcium also cause the diseases which are kidney stones, abdominal pain and the person will become the patient of depression.

Magnesium also helps for the relaxation of muscles, exciting action of nervous system of the brain. The low intake of magnesium cause chronic Diarrhoea. The symptoms are weakness of nervous system and heart problems also occurs. Bicarbonates are also important electrolyte which is present in the blood and support the different organs to work properly.

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