Importance and uses of some special animals in our daily life

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There are so many animals that we are in our life.But some are very useful and have a great importance in our life.Some important animals are discussed below.

Horse is a very strong animal and commonly present in Pakistan and many other country like India,Afghanistan,Saudi Arabia,Iran and Iraq etc.Horse are usually used for traveling and riding.In villages ,peoples used the horse as a source of transportation.They also used to carry the load from on place to another.

Cows and She-buffaloes are also have great importance in our life.Cow and She-buffaloes gives milk which is one of our daily need and it is very use full for our health.

Camel is also very strong animal.They are known as king of desert because they live without water and food at least 5-10 days.In the desert area peoples are mostly ride on camels and it is also used as food.His meet is very strong and full of energy which make our health better.

Dog is also very common in Pakistan.Many peoples select dog as a domestic animals.It is not only a faithful animal of his owner but also take care of our house day and night.

Many other animals are found in Pakistan that make our life easy.God make these all animals for human.We should Thanks and pray God for this kindness.

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