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Ours is an area of keen competition. Now-a-days men and things must put up a show to be accepted as good or valuable. If you have something to sell, display it in such a way that the world be buyers or dazzled by it. Hence the importance of advertisement in modern life Broadly speaking, advertising is a means to communicate to public the merits and claims of a product and services through the newspapers, placards, posters, handbills, radio and television.

In advertising, many media are employed to direct the appeal to the five senses – the senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. The appeal for eyes only calls forth the media of newspapers, placards and posters. An appeal to the ear is made through Radio, loudspeaker announcements or the call of the hawkers. For an appeal to the sense of touch, display of a variety of products is arranged for the buyers to touch them with their hands.

A sweetmeat seller offers his sweets to the customers to taste them and make their choice. A perfumer offers a wide range of scents so that the customer may select. On a wider plane, advertising agencies with all their creative talent and professional skill play the key role. In all these examples, one basic idea appears to be common to boost up the sales. Advertising is a very difficult art. Aldous Huxley writer; it is far easier to write an ten passably effective sonnets than to write one effective advertisement”. It requires knowledge of human nature and changing fashions. 

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