Importance of Education

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Education is very important for every nation. Without education any nation cannot be prosper. A country can only be developing if its literacy rate is increased. We see that the developed countries are prosper because its literacy rate are high like America, England, Europe and Landon etc. The countries like Saudi, Lebanon and Kuwait are still under development because of their literacy rate is low although they have abundance of resources like petrol oil etc. so it is clear that the availability of natural resources do not make the countries developed, it’s the education which makes it.

In our country much importance on education was not given but now a day’s much importance is given. Many schools colleges’ universities are built for this purpose. Now Government is also paying attention on education. They spend a huge amount of budget on education. Governments free the basic education in Government schools up to metric. Now Government also provides free books to the students.

It is clear that education is necessary for every nation. We as a Muslim country should pay attention on education because to stand with other countries. We should get education up to their level to beat them or to make progress on their level. We should have to see our goal and set our long term plans to educate our nation.

In old era many Muslim scientist were passed who work hard in their field and became famous. Like Jabir Bin Hayyan, Abdul Islam and Alkezi etc. Some got medal in their field. Their contribution cannot be forgotten. Other scientist make progress by reading their books.

In our country boys and girls get education. They also get higher education. Some of them also went abroad for getting education. Our countries children also get education of doctors engineering commerce computer etc.




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