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Mostly, Innovation as the most important phenomenon of improvement is the result of knowledge in the laboratories and universities. It is not an individual effectiveness, but it needs a group of specialists to get their thoughts together, and collaborate to make and invent a new thing or idea. The cultural and scientific aspects of knowledge are more highlighted rather than the economics aspect of it. University is the exact place to work on and improve the scientific and cultural arenas of every society. Universities can work as the thought leaders and makers of the thoughts in every humanity society. The base of development and improvement is based on Knowledge and researches; also every developing or developed society needs the specialists and experts to manage its affairs.  The university is the only place that can take this remarkable responsibility, and afford it as well as possible. The universities make the beds for the new thoughts growing, which will be the futures dominated ways of living, and make new theories to face the challenges.  It discovers, preserves, complete, transfer and use it to improve the societies.

Afghanistan as a developing country needs the universities and academic organizations much more for its development. The universities can take a very important role (can said the most important role) toward a stable society, economically, politically and sociably. A society cannot experiment a stable sociable, economical and political situation, without developing in the same level of knowledge. So, universities are one of the most important infrastructures of Afghanistan’s community that leads the country into a real development in different arenas.

Herat University is established in 1988 CE, and fourteen faculties are working under it as following: Persian literature and humanity science, agriculture, science, Computer science, economics, education faculty, engineering, fine arts, journalism, law and political science, medical faculty, public management, sharia and Islamic science and veterinary. More than ten thousands of students are being thought under these faculties and more related departments. Herat University is the second national university of Afghanistan with the students from all over the country. It is in relationship with more universities of The USA, Germany, Iran, Thailand, India, Italy, Slovakia, Japan and so more. The universities of these countries help Herat university with curriculum, send teachers to Herat University to teach some specific subjects, prepare masters and PHD scholarships for its teachers and academic employees. The university tries to  teach, based on standard and modern curriculum, use the modern methods of teaching, scientific international communication and afford the scientific necessities of the society.

It is not possible to have a modern and developed community, without enough attention to the scientific infrastructures. So, the governments and countries invest more and more in this vital arena, pay attention very exactly on education, and encourage their people mostly the youths to get higher education. They provide for the people a lot of facilities to enroll in universities, and try to help the most the universities to have an educated and developed society. All, these show the importance of the knowledge in the modern world and university as the sign of it. 

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