Importance of rain and Balance of water on earth

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In this world life is not possible without water.It is the basic need of life.In this world 70% water is present.But the whole amount of water can not be useable because mostly the sea and rivers water are salty and many compounds and chemicals are present this this water.

So it is not used in daily life.The basic source of water is only rain.Due to rain the amount of water in the rivers,damps and lacks increases according to our needs.In every country of the world have different range of rain.The amount of rain depend on the atmosphere and mountains that are present in the country.

Those countries in which cold atmosphere and high mountains are present in these countries the amount of rain per year is greater as compare to those country in which the atmosphere is worm and small mountains are present.Due to rain our crops are grow and gives the best quality because water is also the basic need of plants.Those places in which the amount of rain is high that places are very suitable for agriculture.

In last 5 to 6 years atmosphere pollution is increases day by day.Due to large amount of different dangerous gases that are present in atmosphere makes the rain acidic.These acidic rain is not only dangerous for human being but also plants and animals life.

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