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Sportsmanship is the spirit of playing the games with proper and regulations.In sports every team has their own leader and all of team members are follow him.It is the rule of every game that one is win and other lose but do not angry on other and face it with happy.

In sportsmanship it is not important who win or lose, the important thing is that how we play the game.This is the best quality in the sportsman.The qualities of a good team members are that play with fairness,honesty,integrity and well mannered.

The team who have all these qualities in there members are win in every ground of the world and also win in the practical life.These qualities are only found in the best person.The most important part of the sportsmanship is team spirit that is more cooperation with his team members because without mutual cooperation success will be not possible.

There are so many advantages of sportsmanship.It makes our life discipline and well mannered.It teach the person to win or lose with honor .In short sportsmanship is not only a name of game,competition and hobby but it is a lesson that how we face the difficulties.So always play with fair and honest.

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