Importance,detail and types of Computer

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Computer is an electronic machine which accept data processing it and give result and also store it . Functions of computer are accepting data from input device and processing the data as per instructions.

Provide useful data to input device get the result and store in the hard disk. The history of computer is that, at the early age most simple method that man use for counting was with on fingertips and also use stones and woods.

After sometime the society has been change and new development project are start and many new inventions are occur. Biggest invention of that time is the computer. Computer is a perfect machine that work on our commands. Computer are made up of different parts like CPU, monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Due to computer we can easily get data in a few seconds and store the millions of file in the hard disk. Computer is the one of important thing in the whole world. There are 3 types of computer. Analogue computer, digital computer and hybrid computers.

Analogue computer except data in the physical form like distance speed, pressure, temperature and current etc.The example of analogue computer is stop watch and speed counter etc.Computer is a perfect machine and used in all the offices in all the world.

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