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In my previous blog i had discuss the meaning of sewing and stitching of clothes .Now i am going to tell you the important factors which must be kept in mind before stitching of clothes specially for the beginners which are trying to get the knowledge of tailoring and stitching of clothes. These points are as under:

  •   Firstly you have to prepare your sewing machine and insert thread in needle.
  • You should properly know the each and every part of machine and its purpose so that you can properly work on it.

  • The skill of stitching is that how cleanly you stitch different styles and types of stitch .
  • Firstly you should start with straight stitching or binding of two pieces of clothe
  • Than the folding of a rectangular piece from all sides are to be practiced .

  • After That oval or circle shape stitching is practiced this need special care and skill . When you do this cleanly and speedly than you can now stitch the clothes and you have get the knowledge how to tackle with the sewing machine.

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