Improvements in Women’s Empowerment and Encouragement #Sustainable Education #Digital Literacy #Sustainable Business in Afghanis

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When we are talking about the Sustainable Education and Digital Literacy it means we are talking about the improvements of Education as well as Economic in a country, both are playing a very important role in Society. Especially these two aspects are useful in developing countries like Afghanistan, as there are too many countries in Afghanistan which working for the developments of Afghans. The neighbor countries are providing scholarship for the Afghan students, to improve their knowledge and to provide a good system for their economy.

As it is clear Afghanistan is a country which was witness of decades of war, because of that couldn't improve well,  and now  45 countries gathered together to build up again and make a great and big change in Sustainable Education, Digital Literacy and Sustainable Business . Here we are witness of many projects which are working in Afghanistan and trying to improve the Sustainable Education, Digital Literacy as well as Sustainable Business which one of them is Film Annex. Since this project started working in Afghanistan could provide the Sustainable Education and Digital Literacy very well and there are too many students which are busy with learning

#Please Watch this Video,  What #Fatima Haidari Has said on Digital Literacy and Sustainable Education 

Besides this Film Annex and Women’s Annex could play a very important role in providing Sustainable Education and Digital Literacy, as they aimed to build up Internet class rooms in schools especially for girls, that they be connected with The Whole World. Women’s Annex is to provide facilities for Afghan Women in Afghanistan, and to make them self-finance. 

Women’s Annex is to Empower and Encourage Women in Sustainable Education and Digital Literacy as well as in different ways of Education through Social Media. Which till now this program was successful in building the Sustainable Education and Digital Literacy in Afghanistan, even they were successful in connecting of 40,000 students to the World Wide Web at Herat, Afghanistan. This foundation aims to extend its activities in other provinces of Afghanistan, to provide the Sustainable Education and Digital Literacy as well as to Empower and Encourage women in Education, life, jobs and etc.

Now many Afghan Women are happy that they can earn even at home and can be self-finance, day by day they are showing more interest for this program and joining to the centers which women’s Annex has in Kabul and Herat. This project is useful in making Sustainable Business as well. By building up learning centers they can even have a good business and can earn as well as can improve the economy of their country

I am very happy that Mr. Francesco Rulli the founder and President of Film Annex along with Roya Mahboob the Founder of Women’s Annex in Afghanistan did a wonderful and an Admirable job for Afghan Women by providing Sustainable Education and Digital Literacy as well as Building of internet class rooms in schools, which with this system they can Empower and encourage women in Education ways. Thank you both for your Hard works.   

Written By: Shoaib Barakzai

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