Improving Memory & Retention

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From time to time, a parent will say to me...

"Miss, him/she is not a slow child, learns the lesson in class but by the next day, it is forgotten.  What can I do?

I am not a medical doctor or psychologist, but me experiences in my family of many children and in the classroom and personally has taught me a thing or 2. 

Advice #1
Play the memory game with the child... It will also improve your memory.  Get a pack of cards, or kid cards with more exciting pictures, turn them face down then try to find pairs by lifting them 2 at a time. do not shuffle them when you put them back.  All players must show their cards so that the other player can remember where it was placed. Its a fun game that can be play 3 times weekly that overtime has been said to improve memory.

Advise #2
Ask the child to ell you about each subject he/she did in class that day, pay attention so that you can ask questions where there are gaps and tie back to lessons in the days or weeks before.  Recapping is a great way to help retention.  When children realize that parents are genuinely interested in what they are doing, they tend to be more interested in it... even if then pretend not to be.

Of course there is also the STUDY PARTNER Game to help with information retention