Impulse buying

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Poor spending habits is one of most serious concerns that we have to learn to understand and control . If you look around you , you will find that the most of your expenses are really optional , meaning they are not necessary .

One of the quickest ways to control this is to list down all your actual expenses on a daily basis and sum them up at the end of each month .

Most likely , you will find out that over half of your expenses can be considered as unnecessary . why is this so ?


Impulse buying  , People  , especially those who do " malling " almost always end up buying more than what they intended to . The sales and promotions for products in the malls sway them . They seem to be drawn to the idea that they are saving money by buying discounted products even though they have no real use for them yet .

It would not be surprising to find out that some of these items bought on sale are never used and just end up inside closets , to be given out as gifts or to charity , later on .


Let's all be careful to buy unnecessary things , Be smart and use your money wisely .    ^_^

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