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Bangkok is one of my favorite cities.

This is the capital of a beautiful country, which I also love for its ardent, wayward exotics, but plus it is also a very peculiar, unusual and exciting metropolis. There is basically everything that can be interesting for any person: attractions, culture, shopping, entertainment, recreation, original food - a lot of everything.

photographyBangkok aerial view from Baiyoke Sky

But now I would like to share the fact that it especially clings to me and makes me tighten the camera in my hands and rush again and again into the endless labyrinths of large avenues and small streets.

travelFresh mango street sellers  

I am very interested in the distinctive spirit and specific culture of old traditional shopping areas of Bangkok.

Here, in the vicinity of the historical center, almost every street is a kind of shopping center, often devoted to only one kind of goods. For example, a street with only auto parts shops, a street of audio and lighting equipment, a street full of shops of uniforms and weapons, a street of silver ornaments and silverware, a street of doors, a street of baskets, a street of Buddhist statues and various temple accessories, street fabrics, musical instruments ... well, and so on - just can not list all of them.

thailandweapon shop right on the street
bangkokgolden Buddhas are watching you
streetphotographyflowers and baskets

Almost all these shops and shops are opened by their owners for a long time, perhaps even not the first generation manages such a family business. The houses where they are located are old, early or mid-20th century; interiors and furnishings inside them are incredibly authentic, and the design of showcases is, in general, some kind of outrageous art house with elements of blood-chilling horror. The owners of stores often live right there and this is for them - the whole world, even if small, closed, shabby but cozy. And here I see live genuine Bangkok, the true spirit of Thailand, which is incredibly interesting every time. All this relates to the realm of those things and states that I greatly miss outside of Thai.

travelivingold authentic shop interior
streetphotofarmacy?! grocery?? )
baiyokeplastic?! hmm ok... )))
photographywe love green!

If you are interested in all the real, genuine, honest, lively, sincere, then, being in Bangkok, you must certainly devote a few hours to just wander around the neighborhoods located for example in the vicinity of the famous Giant Swing (Sao Chingcha).

And be sure to take a camera with you - there is something to shoot.

And here is a video, spectacular view on a central part of Bkk, from famous skyscraper, the 88-storey Baiyoke Sky Hotel. (and on the 1.36min you will see a huge exciting transport hub with thousands of racing cars ;-))


All photos and video are made by me, please, check my Flickr account for more photos.

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