indoor Vs outdoor activities

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These days, children spend much of their time in indoor activities. They watch T.V, play video games or use internet. They do not bother to go outside to play games.

This tendency from outside activities to the indoor activities has grown substantially during past few decades. Now children have no liking for cycling, swimming, playing football or any other outdoor games.

This trend has exerted adverse effect on the physical and mental growth of children thus a change can be seen in the children’s bodies. Fifty years ago, only 4 % kids were overweight. Now this %age has reached to 16 %. Kids play video games and forget the outdoor activities but the kids want to be fit and healthy.

 Video games are very dangerous for eye side and health. Kids prefer indoor games then the outdoor games. Where in door games are bad for them and outdoor games are very good for them but the child’s don’t know about it. They just want to play video games and use internet. Internet has very positive and negative impacts.

Parents are responsible to some extent for this new trend in children’s now parents are very concerned and worried about the security and safety of the kids. They feel satisfied to see them playing indoor games rather than going outside of homes.

Indoor games are good but if all the games can play inside so there is no reason to play outdoor games.


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