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From simple photography enthusiasts to becoming travel photographers, James and I had always loved this hobby, it is something that we both enjoy and adore, we had DSLR cameras since 2009, different ones in fact until this day. We purchased upgrades and continue to practice on this craft.

From just hobbyist, we decided to venture and level up our photography skills when a couple asked our service, it was an opportunity which we don´t want to let go and so although it scares me a lot, we decided to accept the challenge and just continue with this photography journey.


Image credits: Jean-beltran uploaded via bitLanders

What is Wedding Photography?

All those who are called to have partners in life and go into the sacred matrimony would want this special day of their lives to be documented. The decision comes from the couples of course if they´d want an official photographer. If the case is true, then they´ll look for someone who can take the job of documenting in still film or motion.


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Wedding Photography is for photographs obviously, it covers different areas of the wedding from the dressing up of the couple to the ceremony then down to the reception, even to the pre-wedding like engagement sessions.

This type of photography is what most photographers refer as the most tedious because it requires your entire day and it involves more than just photography skills but even customer service and more.


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But most professional photographers would also venture into wedding photography because it is what´s mostly providing the income to most as there will always be weddings around.

Our First Wedding Photography Opportunity

If it scares you, it must be something worth trying.

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I read this somewhere or perhaps someone said this before and I listened. As a photography enthusiast, I shoot for my own, for my blog, as a hobby, I take photos, edit them for my social media profiles but when others ask if I could take their photos, I get scared most of the time. I felt nervous, I felt like I am not good enough to do the job which is why I had declined a lot of opportunities before because I don´t want to disappoint them.


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But the need to step up and get out of our comfort zone arrived when a family friend asked if we could cover their wedding, that was two months ago. I could have said no but because I felt like it was a good opportunity, I said yes and went on with the agreement.

It was our first booking, I offered a free engagement session for the couple which they appreciated a lot. It was a rainy day when we had the engagement session and even a more rainy day during the wedding which happened yesterday, it definitely challenged my husband and I´s skills and pressured us to go beyond.

We came ready but not fully prepared.

Weather and Rain


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It could have been a better scene if it wasn´t raining that day. The night prior to the wedding day, it started pouring and by the early morning, the skies say that the sun won´t ever show up that joyous day and so we have to deal with it.

With only one weather sealed camera, both my husband and I feared it won´t be enough to cover the entire wedding, gladly, the rain started to slow down by the afternoon, just when the wedding was about to start. It was a blessing that the rain halted and we were given ample time from the start of the ceremony until the end of the event.


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Even if it rained, we were still thankful that the event went on without us getting drenched and our gears getting wet. There were some drops here and there but it was not that hard to really stop the wedding.

Missing Lighting

Another challenge we came to deal with was lighting. Because it was rainy and the environment was getting darker and darker as time goes by, there was almost no light at five in the afternoon. I had to bump up my ISO setting just so I could capture the scenes without motion blurs. There was zero artificial light and I don´t want to use my Speedlight flash too because that would cause bad hotspots on their faces if I did so I had to just try to focus and shoot as needed.


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My aperture was already wide open, the shutter speed was at twice the aperture and I was just hoping the focusing got it. The group shots were really difficult, I just wished we had lights around the area but no, the location was a garden and so it was a bare place.

Reception Disco Lights


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Now into the reception, we already knew that there will be disco lights as we expected. I am not very good yet with using flashes, we had a Yongnou Speedlight but when I was using it with a diffuser, it was still giving harsh light to the subject if its positioned just right in front but when I was positioning it at the ceiling for bouncing the light, it was also not giving enough light to brighten the subject.

So, the remedy was just to let go of the light and use whatever source of light we had. I knew it was not a very good idea because the disco lights were just changing every now and then so I have to keep up with the change, I had to be patient and wait for the right ambient before hitting the shutter button.



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There were so many things to learn during this event. It was our guinea pig, but James and I were glad that upon sending the initial photos which were more or less around 500 pictures, the couple still loved the results, she even mentioned that she felt she was very pretty in her wedding.

I had to remind myself again that when shooting, I shouldn't assess my work on my own point of view, instead, I should just let the client see it first and judge it in their own eyes.

Thank God for this wedding photography opportunity and I am glad this was given to us, it is certainly a great chance to improve and a huge step forward for future gigs and projects.

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